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Annual Experts meeting 2016

In the ] annual experts meeting [ an exciting mixture of speakers will look at the topic of “contingency | planning | error” from different perspectives. This two-day event systematically questions the common success factors of management and demonstrates why a paradigm shift in management is overdue.

Honorary Prize of the Austrian Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy goes to SMA Research graduate

Each year the best 50 graduates of diploma and master studies of Austrian universities are awarded with the Honorary Prize oft he Austrian Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy.

SMA Researchers at the International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations in Oxford

On 4th of August 2014 Mai Anh Dao and Daniel Degischer presented their common paper with Florian Bauer on „How Informal Coordination Moderates Human and Task Integration on Internal Reorganization” at Said Business School of Oxford University.