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Cosima Tripp, Team Manager, 7P Solutions & Consulting AG:

"Working with the SMA Research Lab Team was inspiring. Great new ideas and high professionality!"


Bernhard Peintner, Head of Corporate Develpment, Palfinger AG:

"Theory, empirical research and a bridge to practice is the start of a success story, unique in central Europe!"


Marcella Rothermel, PhD Candidate, Innsbruck University:

"I'm happy that I used the chance being part of the SMA Research Lap. Its director and scientific head are quite open-minded regarding every area facing the topic - if huge quality is secured. But in the end all efforts fully paid off!"


Julia Sejkora, Graduate, Innsbruck University:

"The SMA Research Lab Team supported me at the best. It was possible for me to include my own ideas and thoughts in my master thesis. But, at the same time the SMA Research Lab Team spotlighted possible problems to me and supported me in finding a solution to them. By collaborating with SMA Research Lab I could conduct my research project according to my own prospects and benefit from their longstanding research experience."


Alexander Roth, Graduate, MCI Management Center Innsbruck

"The supportive environment including working together with a team of young academics of diverse institution made it possible to work on a high level. The experience being part of SMA-Research Lab was great and worth the effort."