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Supervised Theses

Master Theses (2012)

  • Marcella Rothermel, University of Innsbruck; Topic: "Brand and Marketing Management in M&A - Following the Visual Angle of Companies"
  • Melanie Schiener, University of Innsbruck; Topic: "The Influence of Cultural Integration Speed on the Performance of Mergers & Acquisitions"
  • Julia Sejkora, University of Innsbruck; Topic: "The Performance Effects of Brand and Marketing Relatedness in M&A - Insights form Interbrand Ranked Companies"
  • Tomas Holiencic, University of Innsbruck; Topic: "Synergy Evaluation and Realization - The Case of Tatry Mountain Resorts"
  • Alexander Roth, MCI Management Center Innsbruck; Topic: "Speed of Integration in Respect of Required Change in the Framework of Mergers & Acquisitions"
  • Mirjam Binder, MCI Management Center Innsbruck; Topic: "The Role of Informal Planning and Behaviour on the Integration Outcome of M&A"

Master Theses (2010)

  • Claudia Wille, MCI Management Center Innsbruck; Topic: "Corporate Brand Management bei M&A"