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SMA researchers present four Articles at the EURAM 2013

Next to the presentation on speed of integration, on the field of tension between intuitive and deliberate decision-making as well as on brand and marketing relatedness effects in M&A, two SMA master graduates (Melanie Schiener und Marcella Rothermel) took the opportunity to bring up their M&A research results for discussion in Istanbul.

Schiener, M./Bauer, F./Matzler, K./Rothermel, M. (2013): The Influence of Cultural Integration Speed on the Performance of Mergers & Acquisitions, in: Proceedings of the EURAM 2013
Sejkora, J./Bauer, F./Matzler, K. (2013): How Brand- and Marketing Relatedness Affects Brand Integration Strategy and Brand Value - Insights from Acquisitions of Interbrand Ranked Companies, in: Proceedings to the EURAM 2013
Bauer, F./ Matzler, K. (2013): Developing a Better Measure for Speed of Integration in M&A, in: Proceedings to the EURAM 2013
Uzelac, B./Matzler, K./ Bauer, F. (2013): Intuition's Versus Deliberation's Role for Exploration and Exploitation Success, in: Proceedings to the EURAM 2013