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SMA Master candidates graduated with excellent success in 2013

In spring 2013 ten master students of University of Innsbruck and Management Center Innsbruck conducted two projects within their master theses in which they analyzed value-creating and coordination mechanisms from the buyer's and target's perspective each. All of them graduated with excellent success due to their outstanding work and high-quality presentations.

Buyer Study:

Benedikt Bergmeister - Change Management in Mergers & Acquisitions - Insights from Central European Transactions

Mai Anh Dao - The Common Ground Phenomenon and Its Influence on Cultural and Task Integration

Carolin Proft - The Interdependencies of Human and Task Integration Speed and their Joint Effect on the Performance of Mergers and Acquisitions

Nicole Rudolf - The Value Creating Mechanisms of Ambidexterity in M&A

Melanie Waschak - The Influence of the Decision-Making Style on Task and Cultural Integration Speed in Mergers and Acquisitions

Target Study:

Manuel Kern -The Moderatin Role of Realignment on the Fit-Performance Relation in M&A

Emanuel Kofler - The Influence of Exploitation and Exploration Fit on the Performance of Mergers and Acquisitions and the Moderating Role of Absorptive Capacity and Organizational Learning

Andreas Wiedenmann - Ambidexterity in M&A and the Impact of Resource Interaction

Markus Wittmann - Value Creation in M&A: The Impact of Operational Compatibility and Relative Integration Speed on Exploration and Exploitation Strategies

Stefan Wolf - The Influence of Cultural Differences on the Relationship of M&A Integration and Innovativeness